KRISTEN KASELL NIKOSEY is a painter + designer, 

whose work has been influenced by textile designs, pattern designs

and impressionist paintings over the years.  She works both traditionally

in acrylics, pastels and oil on canvas, as well as in a digital format for

design projects. She received BFA in Design from UCLA and

attended Art Center College of Design briefly and continues to take classes.

Kristen's work can be seen in restaurants, private homes, on album covers,

gift bags and in a book by Ariel Books, 'The Essence of Fathers', where she was 

commissioned to paint over 60 images.  Her work has been published in a 

calendar by Universe Publishing/Rizzoli. In addition to her paintings,

Kristen is a graphic designer/art director and has designed numerous

album covers at various record companies, as well as brochures, packaging

and ads for different products.  Kristen's paintings have an organic and

 spiritual direction using a colorful palette to convey her thematic textural style.

 She continues to paint, design, take classes and spend quality time with her

husband, Tom and their two children, Danielle and Spencer,

designers and owners of



818 704-9993

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